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Arlington, Wisconsin

When my phone decides to vibrate across the bedside table for a fourth time within two minutes, I roll over and scowl at it, seriously considering breaking the darn thing against the wall.
I can barely even keep my eyes open this early in the morning, let alone manage to muster up the energy to reach over and read any stupid messages.
I wish my phone would get the damn memo, but apparently it doesn’t, because it vibrates for a fifth time.
Annoyed, I growl out and reach for it.
There’s only one person crazy enough to bother me this early in the morning.
One person, and that jerk is lucky he happens to be my brother. If I didn’t love him so much I’d kill him. Especially since he knows how much my sleep means to me.
Alexander Tyler… I will break your pretty face!
I don’t even bother reading his five messages before replying with an angry response. It’s too early for me to give a damn right now.
After the party my friends threw for me last night, I needed every second of sleep I could get this morning to recover from my hangover, and he just ruined that for me.
My head hurts like hell and a wave of nausea hits as I press the send button.

Me: Piss off, Xan! I’m sleeping. STOP texting me!

Xan: Morning, Sunshine. And what the fuck did I tell you about calling me Xan?

Me: You told me not to do it. Now what the hell do you want, Xan?

I grunt as I look over at my alarm clock to see it’s only ten past five. I want to reach through the phone and choke his annoying butt even more now.
With the way every little part of my body aches, I knew it was early, but I didn’t realize it was the ass-crack of dawn.
“He is so fucking unreal,” I grunt, while reading his next message as it pops up.

Xan: If you would read my messages then you would know why the hell I’m texting and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Scroll up, genius.

Trying my best to focus on the blurred words, I run my hand over my face and scroll up to the first message, before quickly replying.
I should’ve known.
That bar is his damn life now. I’m not sure anything else matters to him more than Vortex.

Me: Seriously? You won’t be home when I arrive? You have a serious work problem, Xan. You couldn’t even take the day off for your little sister’s arrival?

Xan: Go back to sleep. You shouldn’t be awake so damn early anyway. You don’t have to be at the airport for another three hours.

Me: Asshole! It’s your fault I’m awake. So how am I getting into the house?

Xan: The back. In the rock by the sliding door. See you tonight, baby sis. Oh… and enter the house with caution.

Me: Yeah… sure. Thanks for the warning. NOW BYE.

After I toss my phone aside, I close my eyes and try to force myself back to sleep, but all I can think about is the fact that in less than nine hours I’ll be in California, chilling by the ocean and working on my new book, away from this small town and my overbearing parents.
My brother left as soon as he turned twenty-one and I’ve been waiting very impatiently to do the same. It’s the only request that our parents had since they didn’t want us running away on them so early.
They knew we’d both want out of this town eventually and they were right; although, I had to promise them I’d come back after the summer.
They still don’t believe that I will, but I’ve decided to at least give it a few more years before I make the big decision of leaving Arlington for good.
I’m hoping this visit to California doesn’t make me break my promise, because that’s the one thing I hate doing the most.
The next hour is spent tossing and turning before I finally make the decision to crawl out of bed to shower and finish packing.
My roommate won’t be awake for at least another five hours, so we said our goodbyes last night over two cases of beer between us and three other friends, which feels like a huge mistake now. Literally.
On another note, it sucks that my parents are waiting outside to drive me to the airport in Madison, which is at least a thirty-minute drive.
Once I hear the Acadia pull into the driveway, I pick up my two bags—being extra careful with the one my laptop is tucked inside of—and begin making my way through the small house.
I’m surprised when Whitney mumbles something from behind me and throws her arms around my waist before I can make it to the front door.
“Whoa. I didn’t expect to see you again for the next three months. What are you doing up?”
“You didn’t really think I’d let you walk out that door without me being up to say goodbye, did you? I may feel like total shit, but I’m going to miss you like crazy and wanted to see you one last time before you leave. I also wanted to remind you to have fun, but not too much fun, got it?”
“Got it.” I turn around and give her a tight hug. “I’m going to miss you too. Try not to have too much fun while I’m away. I’m sure Ethan will be living here the whole time I’m gone anyways, so you’ll have plenty of fun to pass the time.”
“Ha Ha. Aren’t we funny,” she mumbles. “Tell your brother hi for me, and I better have a damn good book to read about from your adventures once you return. You hear me?”
I nod and look over toward the door as it opens.
“Ready, Sweetheart?” My dad doesn’t waste any time before walking over and grabbing my bags from me. “We’re cutting it close already, and as much as we don’t want you to leave, we don’t want you missing your flight either.”
I quickly tie my hair back and follow my dad to the door, stopping before I can walk outside. As boring as this place is, I really am going to miss Whitney over the next three months, and possibly even this crappy little house that I’ve finally gotten used to. “Alright. I’ll message you tonight sometime. Don’t miss me too much.”
She laughs. “Just get out of here before I make my roomie stay or either squeeze my way into one of your bags and tag along for the summer.”
“Yeah, I don’t think Ethan would appreciate that or else I’d shove you inside myself. Later, babe.” I smile and shut the door behind me, quickly jumping into the back of the red SUV.
Even though my dad looks as tired as I feel, my mother somehow looks upbeat and energetic, as if she’s been awake for hours.
“We better be picking you back up from an airport in three months or you’ll be breaking your father’s heart. We already have one child living too far away. We don’t need our baby girl running away on us too.”
I lean back in the seat and get comfortable. “I know. I said I’d be back and I meant it, Mom.” I yawn and close my eyes, wishing I was already on the plane, because I plan to sleep the entire way there. “Can you wake me up when we get there? I just need to keep my eyes closed.”
“Is your brother picking you up from the airport?”
I shake my head.
“Why not?”
She huffs. “I hope he plans on taking a break while you’re there. He works too hard.”
“I’m sure he will, Mom. And besides, I’m a big girl now and I can take care of myself. I’ll figure it out.”
“I know, I know… I’ll be quiet now so you can rest, seeing as you must have had a rough night last night.”
I open one eye to see her shaking her head in disapproval, but she doesn’t say anything else.
I take this as an opportunity to end the conversation and get some peace and quiet while I can…


Oceanside, California

Excitement courses through me as I toss my two bags into the first available taxi, before jumping inside and slamming the door shut behind me. The driver cusses under his breath, clearly not expecting me.
“Sorry,” I say out of breath. “Take me here, please.” I hold the small folded piece of paper over the front seat for the driver to grab.
He pulls it from my grip and opens it with a small, knowing smile. “Visiting Micah, I take it?”
I toss my bags beside me in the seat and crinkle my forehead in confusion. “Micah?” I question. “I have no idea who that is. I’m staying with my brother for the summer. This is the address he gave me, so I’m crossing my fingers that he wasn’t dumb enough to give me the wrong one.”
The man looks at me through the rearview mirror, before changing his tone and becoming a bit more professional. “My mistake, ma’am.”
He pulls out into traffic, before speaking again. “So, you’re Alexander’s sister?” he questions, while glancing at me in the mirror.
I smile. “His baby sister.”
With Alexander owning a bar on the beach, the taxi driver knowing his name doesn’t surprise me too much, but him knowing him by address… Yeah, a little weird.
“Is my brother a man-whore or something? Is that how you know his address? I know he doesn’t go anywhere without his precious motorcycle, so I’m sure he has no need for a taxi himself,” I say.
“Let’s just say I’ve made a lot of early morning trips to his address.”
“Gotcha,” I say, grossed out. “No wonder he told me to enter with caution,” I whisper under my breath.
A huge smile takes over my face when we finally pull up at my brother’s beach house about twenty minutes later. I’ve wanted to visit him ever since he first moved here five years ago, but my parents wouldn’t allow it, afraid that I wouldn’t come back home. Xan had to come back to Wisconsin once every three months so we could see him and have family time.
Well damn… now I can see why.
“This is beautiful.” I roll down the window and take a deep breath, taking in the salty air. “Oh my God. My brother is one lucky jerk.”
The taxi driver smiles at me through the rearview mirror. “I don’t disagree with you there, ma’am. What I wouldn’t give to be in his shoes.”
He stops the car and shifts it into park. “I hope you enjoy your summer here, ma’am.”
“Tegan. Please don’t call me ma’am. Makes me feel so old.” I smile, grabbing my two bags. “No offense.”
“It takes a lot to offend this old geezer.” He shakes his head and pushes my hand away when I attempt to hand him money. “I can’t take that. Your brother has been more than good to me. You just go and enjoy yourself.”
“Thank you. That’s nice of you…” I trail off, while searching for his name.
“The name’s Tom,” he says with a friendly smile.
“Perfect. Thanks, Tom.” I toss him ten bucks as a tip and quickly take my bags, jumping out, before he can try and offer it back to me.
“Holy hell, my brother has been living the life while I’ve been stuck back home with my parents with nothing even remotely exciting to do.”
Taking in the house, in total awe, I walk around to the back of the large house and I swear my breath gets knocked right out of me.
Hell, I even drop my bags, stunned.
There’s a huge pool in the back, surrounded by a beautiful, lit up deck. Looking up at the house itself, I can see almost everything—huge sliding glass doors, large windows. There doesn’t seem to be much privacy. Just a beautiful view, looking out at the oversized pool and beach.
“I hope my brother knows that I’m never leaving,” I mumble, while picking my bags back up and making my way over to the door.
Just as I’m about to reach for the rock to get the key, a naked butt smashes against the glass in front of me and I scream, falling backwards.
“Oh my goodness! Holy shit!”
Placing my hand over my chest, I look up with squinted eyes to see that the tan butt is really there. It wasn’t just my imagination playing a cruel joke on me like I’d hoped.
My eyes slowly ascend the site before me, watching, as a guy holds the butt in place while he shamelessly pounds into some girl right in front of my face.
I quickly scramble to my feet, my eyes meeting his baby blue ones as strands of long, dark hair falls into his face.
I expect him to stop screwing her, but instead, he just pounds into her even harder, while making sure to keep eye contact with me.
After a few seconds, he pulls his gaze away from mine and bites the girl’s neck, causing her to slam her head back into the glass.
This gives me the strength I need to cover my face and turn the other way. “I’m going to kill my brother!”
Growling in frustration, I reach for my phone and start walking toward the beach to get away from the action.
This was not the action I was seeking by coming here for the summer. I didn’t ask for a woman’s naked butt in my face.
I call my brother and he answers it on the third ring.
“What the hell, Xan?”
“Shit,” he mumbles. “I’m taking it Micah’s there?”
“Oh! So, this Micah guy does exist. Good to know, dumbass. Especially since I just walked up on his dirty little screw-fest against the back door. Some woman’s butt was in my face. Her naked butt. That’s so not cool, Xan.”
He laughs a little. He actually fucking laughs.
“Sorry. I didn’t think he’d be back already, so I wasn’t sure. That’s why I told you to enter with caution. He wasn’t supposed to be back home for another few days, but you never know with him.”
Walking through the sand, I finally stop and take a seat, kicking my shoes off. “Why didn’t you mention this Micah guy before? I didn’t even know you had a roommate.”
“Hang on…” The noise around him starts to die down. I assume he’s walking to his office so he can hear me better. “He has his own place, but I like him there to keep an eye on things since I’m not around much. He’s the closest I have to family here and one of the only people I fully trust. He goes back and forth from my place to his. He’s sort of made the downstairs area his.”
“Then please tell me I’ll be sleeping upstairs. I’m afraid to touch anything down there after what I just witnessed. I might even need to sanitize my eyeballs.”
“Yes,” he says firmly, all playfulness gone from his voice. “I want you close to me and away from Micah. He’s my friend and I trust him, but not with you. Far from that shit.”
I let out a relieved breath and stand back up, brushing the sand off. “Good, I’m sure there’ll be no problem there. Now, when will you be home? It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you.”
“Give me two hours or so and I’ll be there. I’ll call Micah and tell him to open the front door for you.”
“Yeah… good, since I won’t be going anywhere near that back door ever again. That might be best.”
“Gotta go. Get settled in and I’ll see you later.”
“Later, Xan.”
Hanging up the phone, I close my eyes and the first thing that takes over my thoughts is the way Micah’s intense eyes watched me while he was having sex with another girl.
It sent chills down my spine, and almost turned me on, although, I’ll never admit that to anyone.
I’m so embarrassed by it. I’ve never watched anyone having sex before and I wasn’t planning on it anytime soon, that’s for sure.
Giving Micah some time to finish his business, I stay on the beach for another twenty minutes or so enjoying the peacefulness, before walking back to the house and praying with everything in me, that there isn’t a naked butt plastered to the door this time.
“Why the hell did I leave my bags around back?” I scold myself, realizing I’ll have to go back to that stupid door to retrieve my things.
Once I get to the house I look around for my bags, but don’t see them anywhere. I make my way around to the front of the house to see that the door is unlocked for me.
“Thank God.” I push the door open and step into the house, surprised when I look over at the couch to see Micah naked with a guitar sitting in his lap.
He stops playing and looks over at me, not even bothering to act surprised that I just walked in on him naked. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he stayed in the nude just to get another reaction out of me.
“I put your bags upstairs in your room,” he says, before going back to relaxing and playing his guitar as if I’m not even here.
“I’m guessing you don’t own any clothes?” I question sarcastically.
As hard as I try, I can’t stop my eyes from taking in every inch of his exposed body. It screams trouble with every rock-hard muscle.
“Oh, I do.” He looks up at me with a steeled jaw. “I just prefer not to wear them.” He lifts a brow, looking my body over. “Want me to show you to your room?”
I let out an annoyed laugh. “No, thanks. Looks like you have a hard enough time finding your own.”
My heart speeds up with unwanted excitement as his eyes continue to rake down my body. He slides his lip between his teeth, letting out a small growl.
God, that’s a sexy lip…
Shaking my head, I clear my throat and pull myself together, before he can get any wrong ideas of what might be happening while I’m here for the summer. “Thanks for grabbing my bags. I’ll be upstairs alone settling in.”
Before he can say anything, I jog up the stairs and find the room with my bags in it.
It’s huge. Much bigger than any room I’ve had back home, and even though I know I’m going to love it here, I can’t help but to ask myself…
Why the hell does my brother have to have such a hot roommate?
Now he’s really on my shit list.



After Alexander’s little sister went to her room last night, alone, I went to Vortex for a few drinks, just to fucking get chewed out by my best friend for doing what I do best.
How the hell was I supposed to know she’d be coming in through the back door? And how was I supposed to know she’d be so damn hot, making me wish it were her against the door?
Alexander made it clear last night that I’m to stay away from his baby sister.
Good job, dude. You just found a way to make me crave having sex with her even more.
I’m in my office, getting things ready for the day, when Gavin knocks on the door, looking scared to take on his first day.
“Where do I start, Sir?”
Shutting down my computer, I spin around in my chair and look him over. “You can start by losing the damn shirt. You won’t need one while working here.”
“Right.” He nods, pulling his shirt over his head. “I forgot.”
“Follow me and I’ll take you to Colby. He’ll train you for a few hours and then you’re on your own. Think you can handle that?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Don’t call me sir, Gavin.” I walk past him, motioning for him to follow me. “It makes me feel fucking old. It’s Micah and nothing else.”
“Sorry,” he says apologetically. “Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I’ve had friends on the waiting list for over a year now. I was expecting to have to wait longer than five months to get in.”
“You can thank your baby face for the job. Women go crazy for guys like you around here. We needed to replace our last baby-faced bartender. Now we just need to see if you can perform your job. That will determine whether or not we’ll need a replacement for a third time, so don’t mess up.”
“Got it… uh… Micah,” he stammers. “I won’t let you down.”
“Good to fucking hear.”
Once downstairs, I spot Colby sitting on his knees on the bar, while some chick shoves money into the front of his jeans. “Are you a stripper or a bartender?” I question, causing him to cuss under his breath at being caught. “I can send your ass to Walk of Shame if you’d like, but you’d have to be willing to move to Chicago. I’m sure my cousin Slade could get you in.”
“My bad. She asked for it.” He smirks, while jumping behind the bar and looking Gavin over. “Our baby face replacement?”
I nod. “Have him ready to be on his own by five and don’t teach him any of your half-assed shit. Train him by the book.”
He looks him over once again. “I’ll do my best, Boss.”
I’m about to walk back up to my office when I spot Sebastian sitting at one of the tables drinking.
“That little shit…”
Angry, I throw my arm around Ryan and point at the kid. “Did you serve him again, Ry?”
Ryan swallows hard, while looking over to see who I’m pointing at. “Yeah. He had an ID. I checked—”
“Go home,” I say firmly.
“But… how was I supposed to know it was a fake?”
Pissed off, I get in his face, causing him to back up a step. “Because it’s the third fucking time you’ve been told not to serve him. Now get your shit and go home.”
Walking away from Ryan before I lose my shit over his stupidity, I make my way toward Sebastian and drag him to his feet. “What the hell did I tell you about coming here, Sebastian?”
“Micah,” he groans. “Come on, Man. I’m almost eighteen. Stop treating me like a child.”
“You are a child,” I spit out. “You should be worried about surfing and girls, not how many damn beers you can finish before I spot your ass in the crowd.”
He attempts to reach for his beer as I drag him away from the table and out the door, but just ends up knocking it off the table instead.
Once outside, I drag him over to the sand and toss him down.
“Dammit, Sebastian.” I grip my hair in frustration, while looking down at him. “I’ve been trying my best to keep my patience with you, but you keep testing my ass. Get your shit together, because I won’t always be here to bail your ass out of everything. Got it?”
“Yeah…” He jumps to his feet and wipes the back of his shorts off. “I never asked you to bail me out of anything, and I definitely never asked you to act like you’re my damn dad.”
My eyes meet his as I step closer to him. “You want me to stop? Because I guarantee with the life you’ve been living that your ass would be dead in less than two weeks.” I fix his shirt for him. “Now get your shit together, Sebastian. Get out of here.”
“Whatever, Dude,” he mumbles. “I’ll see you later.”
Worried about the kid, I watch as he runs through the sand and over to his little group of friends who high-five him and toss him something to drink. Most likely a beer.
“Fuuuuck. This kid never stops.”
I really need to get him away from those little low-lives. They’re no good for him, but they’re all that he’s had his whole life, since his parents have never given a shit about what he does.
I’ve been dealing with him sneaking into Vortex for two years now and I’ve been doing my best to help him get his head on straight.
The kid thinks I’ll give up on him just like his parents did. He’s wrong.
“Oh look. You do own clothing after all,” a sarcastic voice says from behind me.
I’d know that sweet voice from anywhere, and I have to admit that I spent most of the night imagining what she’d sound like screaming from below me. Or on top… whatever she’s in the mood for.
“I wasn’t lying, babe.” Smirking, I turn around to find Tegan sitting at one of the outdoor tables with her laptop. “This is just the only place I wear them. They’re sort of required here.” I tilt my head and watch as her eyes wander over my body. She’s trying to play it off, as if it’s not obvious she’s picturing me naked, but the quiver of her bottom lip gives her away. “So, I don’t own many.”
“I’m sure that seems to work for you,” she mumbles.
“It does; although, I usually get asked to take my clothes off here as well.” I walk over to the table and peer over her shoulder, curious. “Still Breathing…” I smile as she stiffens. “Are you writing a book?”
Clearing her throat, she turns around and palms my face, pushing it back. “Do you mind? I can’t think with you so close.”
“That doesn’t sound like a bad thing,” I tease.
Grunting, she closes her laptop. “Yes.”
“Yes?” I question. “That it’s a bad thing?”
“That I’m writing a book.” Her eyes wander over my body again, stopping on my chest. “Why are you wearing a shirt?”
“Would you prefer I take it off for you?”
She laughs sarcastically. “I think I saw enough of your body last night to keep my mind busy for a while, thank you.” She smiles up at Gavin and thanks him as he drops a drink off at her table. “I asked because every guy here is shirtless, with the exception of you. Is that a thing here? My brother left that juicy little detail out. Shirtless, sexy bartender heaven. I have a feeling I’m going to like it here.”
“All the bartenders are required to be shirtless, yes, but I’m not bartending or playing right now.”
“Playing?” she questions. “Your guitar?”
“You can come watch me tonight if you want to know. I’m pretty sure that isn’t against the rules.”
Opening her laptop again, she looks up at me and laughs. “Rules?”
Letting out a small breath, I give her a serious look and pull my shit together, before I somehow manage to break these damn rules. “Your brother’s,” I say firmly. “Should you need me if my boys don’t attend to you and take care of you like you deserve, I’ll be upstairs in my office. Don’t be afraid to tell me if they slack.”
“My brother is funny,” she says softly, watching me as I back away from her and turn around to leave.
Her words stop me. “How so?”
“For thinking he can control me while I’m here. Last time I checked I was a grown woman who makes her own decisions.”
“Yeah,” I mumble. “Well, good luck telling your brother that.”
With that, I walk away, leaving her outside, alone, to work on her book. Something about leaving her alone here with shirtless men is bothering me. Maybe it’s the fact that I know she likes it. Or the fact that I know they’ll want her, and unlike me, they might have a chance of touching her.
Out of nowhere, a pair of hands press against my chest and begin feeling me up. “You’re wearing too much clothing, Micah,” Gwen says against my ear, as she trails her hand down to grab my junk.
Growling, I grip her hand, making her grab it tighter.
“Mmmm…” she moans. “Is somebody ready to play?”
“No,” I whisper, just below her ear. “I’m reminding you of what you’ll never feel in your mouth again.” I push her hand away. “Now keep your hands to yourself or I’ll have you escorted out.”
“Micah,” she huffs. “Don’t act like you don’t miss me. No one else will ever do the things that I do.”
“Then they’ll probably last longer,” I say stiffly. “Now, I’ve got shit to do.”
“Fuck off, Micah.” She straightens out her skirt, seeming embarrassed. “You’ll be back.”
“Nope. I won’t,” I say, keeping my cool. “I’m needed in my office. Go cling to Colby. He actually enjoys it.”
Without giving her a chance to respond I walk away, jogging up the steps to my office.
One time, over a year ago, and Gwen keeps coming back for more, thinking that I’ll give her what she wants. She wants a man she can control.
That’s not me.
Just as I’m opening my office door, Alexander walks out of his, closing the door behind him.
“Dude, have you been here all morning?” I question, looking his tired ass over.
He runs a hand through his messy, dark hair and yawns. “Yeah, got here bright and early to take care of some shit.”
Opening my office, I enter, knowing that Xan will follow.
“Well, you look like hell.”
Alexander smiles. “Thanks for the obvious, Asshole.” He closes the door behind him and takes a seat in the chair across from me. “I saw my sister walk in. Will you keep your eye on her, Man? I need to get some sleep before tonight.”
“You’re trusting me to keep an eye on her?” I laugh and place my hands behind my head, lifting a brow to him.
“Fuck no,” he grumbles. “But what other choice do I have? There’s a lot of assholes around here that will try to pick her up. At least make me feel somewhat better that you’ll be here.”
“Yeah, Man,” I say, while watching the cameras. “I’ll keep the assholes away.”
Alexander stands up. “Yourself included,” he says sternly. “My sister is a good girl. She deserves a good man that will take care of her, not someone to just show her one night of pleasure and kick her to the curb. Promise me, Micah.”
Hearing the worry in his voice causes me to look up and truly see how much this means to him. The last thing I want to do is piss my best friend off and lose his trust. He’s had my back for years now. More than anyone else has.
“Yeah, Man. Myself included.” I point at my door. “Now get the hell out of my office, Dick.”
“On it. I’ll be back in a few hours.”
After Alexander leaves, I sit back and watch Tegan, ready to protect her from any asshole that tries to pick her up on my watch.
Myself included.
Shit, this is going to be harder than I expected…



He comes at me slowly, sweat dripping from his hard body.
“No,” I grunt, while hitting backspace.
He comes at me slowly, sweat dripping from every rock-hard muscle. His eyes trail over my bare flesh as if he’s ready to taste every exposed inch of me.
“Whoa! Whoa! What the hell are you writing?”
My brother’s voice scares me, causing my heart to nearly jump to my throat. I didn’t have a chance to see him last night since he’s been so busy, and he decides to choose the worst possible time to show up out of nowhere.
“What the hell, Xan!” I slam my computer shut and spin around to face him. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to read over someone’s shoulder? You don’t do that shit. I was in deep concentration. Now you just messed up the flow of the scene.”
“My bad,” he mumbles, while opening his soda. “Didn’t mean to disturb the porn scene in your head, little sis.”
“Oh, come on. That’s gross. Don’t ever let me hear that word come from your lips again.”
He eyes me over his can, while taking a long drink of his soda. I almost think he’s never going to stop for air. All that acid at once has to burn.
“What are you doing here, anyway? I thought you were writing at the bar.”
“I was,” I complain. “Until Micah sent me home.”
Xan smirks, before finishing the rest of his soda off. “Oh yeah? Why?”
My brother looks entirely too happy right now. I’m guessing he had something to do with Micah popping by my table every damn time a guy showed up.
“Because the bartenders kept trying to pick me up. I wasn’t getting anything done, apparently. At least that’s what Micah said when he picked up my computer and sent me packing.”
“Good boy,” he whispers.
“Nothing.” He kisses me on the head and walks back over to the door, stopping to look back at me. “I need to get back to the bar. Micah plays in an hour and I need to take over the staff. Those boys are fucking trouble unless you watch them twenty-four-seven. No lie. I promise we’ll do lunch or dinner soon and catch up.”
The image of Micah playing his guitar, naked, takes over my thoughts, and suddenly, writing can wait. I need to be at the bar to see him play.
I came here for entertainment and I have a feeling that he’s going to take the spotlight.
“I’ll be there then,” I say, opening my laptop back up. “I’ll just finish this scene and head out.”
“I thought you wanted to get your book done,” he quips with amusement. “Instead, you’d rather stress my ass out by hanging around at my bar full of horny jerkoffs?”
I take a second to think his words over. “Yeah. Isn’t that what siblings are for? Maybe you should’ve thought about that before you decided to open a bar full of hot, shirtless men serving beer. Just saying.”
He grunts. “I was hoping to keep you away for as long as I could. Just bring Jamie with you so you’re not alone. She’s been dying for you to get here. Call her.”
“Good idea. I haven’t seen her since she moved.”
“I guess I’ll see you soon. Just don’t fall for their stupid games. I’m serious. My guys are trouble.” He waves his hand at me, before rushing out of my room and down the stairs.
After he leaves, I stare at my computer for a good twenty minutes, but the words won’t come. “Damn you, Xan.”
I shut my computer down and call Jamie, before changing into a pair of comfortable shorts and a tank top, with a bikini underneath.
The best thing about my brother’s bar is that you can drink a few beers and get a little tipsy, before running down to the beach to get wet and play in the water.
You can’t beat that…


Once Jamie arrives we do a little catching up on the last three years, before walking down to the beach and heading toward Vortex.
“I can’t believe you’re finally here. Do you have any idea how bored I’ve been without you?” Jamie asks, holding her blonde hair out of her face as the wind blows it everywhere, causing her to eat it while she talks.
Waving my arms around me, I laugh at her for even thinking she can trick me into believing that crap. “I’m sure you’ve been so bored without me; spending time on this beautiful beach, full of sexy, half-naked men. I have no idea how you’ve managed this long without me,” I tease.
She grins as a hot guy jogs past us, chasing after a Frisbee. “You’re right. I totally lied. Check out the abs on that one.” She lifts a brow, inspecting him. “But seriously though, you’re here now and we’re going to have a blast. I’ll make sure of it.”
Her words have me smiling, but my mind drifts to Micah, and suddenly, I’m curious.
“Do you know this Micah guy that my brother hangs out with?”
She stops dead in her tracks and starts fanning herself. “Who the hell doesn’t? He’s the sexiest man to hold a guitar.” When I turn back around, she’s following me again. “He’s pretty well known around here. For both his looks and his talent.”
“Yeah? But what do you know about him personally?”
She shrugs her shoulders. “I don’t know. Not much. Just that he’s been friends with Xan for a while now and that he moved here alone from Chicago. From what I hear, he’s saving up to open his own bar. One where live music is a nightly thing.”
“Yeah, well my brother failed to mention him to me, and I can’t help but wonder why. Especially the fact that he practically lives with him. What the hell is that about? We used to be close.”
Jamie shakes her head. “I’m not sure, but I have a pretty good idea.”
“Oh yeah? Why?”
“Look at you. You’re gorgeous, talented and young. Then look at Micah. Also gorgeous, talented and young. And he gets any and every girl his little heart desires. I’m sure he just wanted to keep you at a distance, worried that you’d fall for him and get hurt.” She claps excitedly once the bar comes into view. “Look at this crowd tonight. It’s the busiest on the nights that he plays.”
“Wow!” I look around in surprise at how much the bar filled up in such a short amount of time. It’s a huge change from this afternoon. “This is pretty amazing. I’m excited now. He must put on a good show to attract this many people.”
“Oh honey… his voice is orgasmic. Let’s hurry and grab a few drinks so we can get a spot close to the stage. If there are any left.”
While walking up to the outside bar, my brother spots me from the other side and nods to me, before continuing his conversation with a group of girls that are practically hanging all over him.
“Go over to Colby’s side. He’s faster,” Jamie says, pulling me through the crowd. “And he’s the hottest one here besides Micah and your brother.”
“My brother?” I roll my eyes and stick close to her until we make our way up to Colby.
“Yeah, your brother. He’s extremely hot.” She shivers. “Those tattoos and abs make me want to run my tongue all over every inch of his hard body.”
“Gross, Jamie! I did not need to hear that.”
As soon as Colby notices me, he leans over the bar and grabs my hand, pulling my attention away from Jamie. “You ready for that date, babe?”
Smiling, I pull my hand out of his. “Nice try, playboy. How about a beer instead?”
“Make that two,” Jamie chimes in. “And can you get them from the furthest back?”
Lifting a brow, he walks over to the cooler and bends down.
“Mmmm…” Jamie moans. “Keep looking, stud. We want the coldest ones. Dig deeper. Much deeper.”
A minute later, Colby turns around, holding two beers in his hand. “Did you girls enjoy the view?” he asks, smirking, while sliding our beers in front of us.
“Very much so. Your ass is fantastic,” Jamie responds. She grabs her beer and tosses some cash down. “Thanks. Keep the change.”
I don’t even get a chance to throw down a tip myself, before she grabs my arm and starts pulling me back through the crowd.
The last couple of tables close to the stage are now crowded with people, but when we get past that crowd, I see Micah leaning against a table that sits right in front of the stage.
As our eyes meet, he nods, and mouths for me to come to him.
Watching those lips move and having to focus on them to see what he’s saying only makes me notice more just how damn sexy they truly are.
“Over here.” I tug Jamie toward the table Micah’s leaning against.
With his arms crossed over his chest, he watches me the whole time. I do mean every single step.
“Your brother told me you were coming.” He uncrosses his arms and pulls out the chairs for us. “I’ll be keeping my eye on you.”
Keeping his gaze glued to mine, he slowly yanks his shirt over his head, as if doing a strip tease, and tosses it down, before walking away and heading to the stage.
“Damn,” Jamie says with wide eyes. “Can he keep his eyes on me like that, please? What was that about? And did he just strip for you?”
“No. That was not for me.” I shrug my shoulders and take a seat, my heart still racing from the look in his eyes as he stripped his shirt off. “Him and my stupid brother are being overly protective, as if I can’t handle a few horny bartenders. That’s all.”
She takes a sip of her beer while watching Micah take a seat and tune his guitar. The way his long hair flows over his shoulders has it impossible to take your eyes away. “I’m staying at your place tonight,” she says, not bothering to look at me when she speaks. “I promise not to stare too hard at the boys.”
Rolling my eyes, I tilt back my beer and set my eyes on the stage, then kick my sandals off. “You’re not good at keeping promises,” I mumble.
“Doesn’t keep me from making them,” she teases.
“Good to see you, Jamie.”
Jamie looks up from the sound of my brother’s voice close by, blushing.
He’s standing right behind her, peering over her shoulder; so close that their bodies are touching.
She swallows, before pulling herself together. “Good to see you too, Alexander. It’s been a few months.”
“You’re looking good. Glad to see you’re back home.” He walks over to me and hands me some kind of pager type thing. “Push this if you need anything. It’s connected to Colby’s buzzer. I don’t want you fighting your way through the crowd every time you girls need a drink.”
“Seriously?” I look down at the buzzer. “That’s all we have to do?”
“VIP… little sis. I got you ladies.” He rubs the top of my head. “Just don’t fucking abuse it or I’ll have to take it away. Got me?” Smiling, he backs away. “Enjoy the show.”
I can’t help but to laugh when the girls clearly check him out as he rushes past them to get some work done, or whatever it is that he’s in a hurry to do.
“Dude… your brother is pretty awesome. You know that, right?”
“I guess,” I mumble, smiling. “It’s a good thing I take after him then, right?”
Jamie shrugs. “Eh.”
“Screw off!” Laughing, I toss my beer label at her and then freeze when Micah speaks into the mic, getting the attention of the crowd.
“Are you ladies ready?”
The crowd screams. Myself included.
“Damn,” he smirks, before looking around, his eyes landing on me. “It’s not often I make the ladies scream while still wearing my jeans. I can’t imagine how loud it’d be if I weren’t wearing these.”
The girls start screaming even louder, yelling at him to take his jeans off.
I stay quiet this time, even though inside I wish they were off too.
“Sorry, ladies. We have rules here… unfortunately.” He laughs into the mic and it’s so damn deep and sexy that I shift in my seat and sip my beer to distract myself. “I’m feeling like some Shinedown tonight. Here’s one of my favorites. It’s called I Dare You.”
The crowd quiets down as soon as he starts playing and all eyes are on him.
I honestly can’t pull my eyes away as I watch his fingers move, pulling the strings of his guitar.
The way the muscles in his arms flex as he plays has me completely zoning in on him. Every part of him.
Until his lips move and the most beautiful sound comes out, working me up and instantly causing me to sweat.
It’s crazy just how good he really is.
“He’s soooooo good,” Jamie points out. “I feel like it’s been forever since I heard him play. We need to come here every week together while you’re here. You game?”
Needing another drink to hopefully calm my now racing thoughts, I press the buzzer.
A few times.
“You need another beer? I need another beer. Is it hot out here?” I say quickly. “I need out of this stupid shirt.”
In a hurry to cool off, I pull my shirt off and set it down next to me in my seat.
“Better?” Jamie questions with amusement.
“Yeah.” Micah is now watching me as he sings. There are probably a hundred girls in this damn crowd, yet he’s looking right the hell at me, as if he can’t look away. “No.” I shake my head. “Not really. I think I’m having a heatstroke or something. I need liquid and fast.”
Colby appears over my shoulder, nearly scaring the crap out of me as he holds out two beers. “You know… this is almost like calling me, which you can do later tonight.”
“Oh, is it? I bet you say that to all the girls that hold this special buzzer,” Jamie teases. “It’s a shame we didn’t get to watch you fetch these beers though.”
“You’re telling me, babe. I feel sorry for you both.” He winks at me and then backs away when Micah glares at him from the stage.
It’s easy to see who the boss is around here, because Colby instantly walks away and returns to work.
Micah’s gaze lands on me for a few short seconds, before finally turning away to look down at his guitar.
Knowing that Whitney will kill me if she knows I watched a hot guy perform at my brother’s bar and not capture it, I take a quick photo to send to her.
A text comes through from her a few minutes later.

Whitney: Holy-beautiful-long-haired babe. He is gorgeous. I wonder if Ethan would be pissed if I make this my screensaver. I guess we’ll see…

I laugh at her response but tuck my phone away, not wanting to miss any of Micah’s performance.
He plays three more songs, causing the crowd to fall more and more in love with him and his voice. He then says goodnight to everyone and hops off the stage to grab a water bottle and pour it over his sweat-covered body.
His eyes lock with mine as he rubs the water down his chest and arms, before reaching for his shirt and walking away through the crowd.
I swear he gets stopped every step that he takes. These women are ready to eat him alive. Literally. I think one even tried to lick him when he walked past her.
It’s ridiculous.
“What the hell?” I finish off my last beer and stand up. “Are the women always like this around here?”
Jamie stands up and stretches. “Not always.” She smiles. “They’re worse sometimes. I swear you’d think this was a strip club the way they feel all over these boys.”
“Interesting,” I whisper. “I should just write about my brother’s damn bar.”
“You should,” she responds. “Do you have any idea how much action goes on around here?”
“Nope. My brother doesn’t tell me shit.”
She grins like a madman. “Well, you’re about to see some shit this summer. Let’s get out of here.” She tosses her empty bottle in the nearby trash. “I have to work for a few hours tomorrow morning.”
“Yeah,” I agree. “I need to get some writing done.”


When I get back to my brother’s house, I grab my laptop and bring it out back by the pool.
I’ve been writing for a good hour, suddenly feeling inspired, before a splash causes me to jerk back and look up.
Standing up, I glance into the pool to see a hard, muscled back, swimming through the water.
My gaze stays glued to Micah’s back, until he emerges from the water, exposing his toned, naked butt.
“Holy shit! Come on, Micah,” I scream, as he climbs out of the pool while covering his junk with both of his hands. “Why are you naked… again?”
“A little warning,” he whispers next to my ear. “Stay away from the pool after I get home from playing.” He moves in closer, his lips brushing under my ear. “Unless you want to get wet.”
My entire body quivers as I watch him walk away and let himself into the house.
Why does his body and hair being wet have to make him even sexier?
I’m angry that he treats me this way, yet so damn turned on by it.
Maybe I’m just angry at myself.
Angry at myself for wanting his body so damn bad, knowing that I can’t have it…



She just had to be out back when I arrived at the house after my show. I shouldn’t have gotten naked and jumped into the pool to cool off with her being there, but I couldn’t stop myself.
Having her around and knowing that I can’t touch her is really fucking with my head, and it’s only been two days.
“Fuck you, Alexander,” I mumble, while walking to the bathroom to turn on the shower.
It’s that asshole’s fault that I’ve been thinking about his sister all damn day and imagining all the dirty things I could do to her sexy little body.
“Lay one finger on my sister and I’ll kick your fucking ass. I mean it, Micah.”
That’s what the fuck he said to me.
He should know me well enough to know that if someone threatens to kick my ass for doing something, it makes me want to do it even more.
Call me twisted. I don’t give a shit.
Call me dirty. It’s true.
Closing myself in the shower, I lean my head back and stroke my dick to images of Tegan in her red bikini top.
She just had to take her shirt off while I was playing my guitar, completely drawing my attention and thoughts her way.
I tried to keep my eyes away, but it was nearly impossible with her breasts on display. Apparently, Colby’s ass noticed too.
Gripping the wall, my strokes become faster and harder, causing me to moan out as I release myself down the drain, panting as it washes away.
“Fuck me!” I growl out.
I’ve been needing this release all day. That shit was intense.
Washing off, I get out and dry off, before lying on the couch in the den and wondering what Tegan thought of me naked in the pool.
She’s seen me naked, twice, in only two days since she showed up here. Her eyes have witnessed every muscle of my naked body, except for the most important one: my dick.
My eyes glance over toward the sliding door when it begins to slowly slide open.
Tegan thinks that I’m sleeping.
I don’t blame her. It’s completely dark down here. That’s how I like it.
Closing my eyes, I listen as she walks through the den, slowing down once she’s standing behind the couch.
Her breathing picks up and it doesn’t take a genius to know that she’s checking out my body, lying in this low hanging towel. It barely fits around my waist.
“Are you imagining me naked again?”
Fuck! There goes my mouth again.
She sucks in a breath and clutches her computer against her chest when I open my eyes and look up at her.
“Not a chance,” she says teasingly. “I just wanted to tell you that you played really well tonight. Wasn’t sure if you were still awake.”
Lifting a brow, I grab the back of the couch and sit up. “Well, it’s been a passion of mine since I was a kid. So, thank you.” I smile as she begins to walk away. “But you were still picturing me naked. For your book?”
She laughs. “Good night, Micah.”
I find myself smiling as I watch her disappear from the room.
A part of me hopes she gets a little inspiration from me for that book of hers. It’ll probably be the best damn book she’s ever written.


I pull up outside of Sebastian’s parents’ apartment a little later than usual, to see Sebastian chilling on the porch with his friends.
“Over here. Now,” I yell out the window, when I see one of them pass him a joint.
Rolling his eyes, he passes it back and tells them that he’ll be right back.
“You’re late,” he mumbles. “I thought you weren’t going to show.”
“Have I ever stood you up? Get your ass in the truck.”
He waves his friends off and jumps in.
Every Sunday I pick him up, take him to lunch, and bring him to Express—the bar I’m working on opening.
I don’t have much time to be there for the kid, but any amount of time I can give him, I do.
After picking up some burgers, we head to the bar and sit down to eat.
“Where are your parents? Don’t they get tired of those lowlifes hanging out on your porch?”
He looks up from his burger. “You tell me.” He tosses his burger down and sips his soda. “I haven’t seen them in a week.”
Anger boils inside of me at the knowledge that his parents took off again without telling him where. Last time they took off they were gone for three fucking weeks, leaving him with an almost empty fridge and no money to survive on.
“What the hell, Seb? I told you to let me know the next time they take off.” I rake my hands through my hair in frustration. “Is there food in the house?”
Standing up, he tosses his empty wrappers into the trash. “Yeah… enough noodles to last me for a damn month.”
“I’ll tell you what.” I toss my garbage in the trash and push my chair in. “Help me clean for the next three hours and I’ll take you shopping for a new pair of shoes and some groceries. I’m not letting you live on those shitty noodles for who knows how long. They’re terrible for digestion.”
His eyes go wide, before he smiles. “Really? A new pair of kicks?”
“As long as you promise me something.”
He crosses his arms. “I’m listening, big man.”
“I don’t want to see you smoking that shit with your friends, and I don’t want to catch you hanging around Vortex trying to get drunk. That’s why I’m not giving you cash this time. I’ll take you shopping myself from now on.”
He lets out a long breath, before speaking. “Fine. You got a deal.”
“Good.” I toss him some gloves. “Now let’s get this place cleaned up.”
Three hours later, as promised, I take Sebastian shopping for a new pair of shoes and some groceries that will last him at least a month.
Afterward, I drop him off at home and watch as he goes inside, locking the door behind him.
I always make sure he locks the door before I pull away.
The last time he left it unlocked when he was home alone, he got robbed by some homeless guy that hangs out at the liquor store across the street from the apartment building.
His parents came home two days later and his dad beat the shit out of him. He couldn’t open his right eye for three damn days.
It took everything in me not to break that fucker’s neck for placing his hands on Sebastian.
After he gives me the thumbs up through the window, I drive off and head to Vortex to check on the boys.
Sundays are one of the slowest days for the bar, so I’m not surprised to see that it’s dead… maybe nine or ten customers hanging around.
I’m also not surprised to see that Tegan is hanging out here with her laptop again. For some damn reason this place gives her inspiration.
“How’s Gavin catching on?”
Colby turns away from cleaning out one of the coolers. “Better than I expected.” He stands up and drapes the towel over his shoulder. “The ladies have loosened the kid up. Look.” He points to the table of girls that Gavin’s surrounded by.
My eyebrows raise in surprise as I watch him smoothly flirt with the chicks like a pro.
“Looks like he’ll fit right in as long as he can keep up. I’ll be out back if you need me.”
“Sure thing, Boss.”
Walking out back, I can’t help the small grin that occurs when Tegan looks up at me and then slowly scans my body over, before turning away.
“I guess you were right when you said this is the only place you wear clothes.” She goes back to typing, but then pauses. “I thought Xan was here.”
I pull out the chair across from her and take a seat. “He is.”
She laughs. “Okay… so you both need to be here? It’s a Sunday. There’s like no one here.”
“You’re here,” I say. “Someone’s got to keep an eye on you while your brother sleeps in his office.”
She shifts a little in her seat and clears her throat. “Is that jerk really sleeping?”
“Most likely,” I admit. “He’s a workaholic and a worrier. He spends time here even when he doesn’t need to. He has to sleep sometime.”
“So that’s why you’re here?”
“Yeah,” I say with a nod. “Gotta have my boy’s back. Always have and always will.”
My eyes shift over to her computer screen.
He’s so damn cocky and hot that all I can think about is slapping him and fucking him at the same time.
My cock twitches.
“Are you writing about me?”
“No!” She quickly slams her computer shut. “Don’t you know it’s rude to read someone’s computer or phone without asking?”
I stand up and walk behind her, leaning in close to her ear. She instantly sucks in a breath and stiffens at me being so close to her. “So, you haven’t thought about fucking me, Tegan?”
“You’re a cocky asshole,” she says tightly as I walk back around to face her.
“Exactly.” I grin, knowing that I caught her in a lie.
As hard as she tries to hide it, her eyes give her away.
“Fuck you.”
“Please do,” I tease. “I’ll let you slap me too.”
Her eyes lower down my body, but she’s quick to pull them away and clear her throat.
“You know… if you don’t want to get caught checking me out, you can always just look at the photo you took of me last night on your phone.”
She looks up quickly, her face turning red with embarrassment.
“That wasn’t for me.”
“You expect me to believe that, Tegan?”
Our banter stops once Alexander walks out back, eyeing us over suspiciously.
“Am I interrupting some shit?”
Tegan gives me a hard look and then turns to her brother. “Nope. Micah was just leaving.” She huffs, while opening her computer back up. “What is it about you two with reading my damn work? Can I have some damn peace and quiet now?”
I lift a brow. “Your dirty words caught my attention. Maybe if you weren’t writing about sexy shit then I wouldn’t read it.”
Alexander glares at me. “Yeah, you’re the last person that needs to read her porn shit. You already think dirty enough.”
“Enough,” Tegan jumps in. “Both of you. Buh bye. Now.”
Her being so demanding only turns me on more, and without thinking I let my eyes roam over her tight little body, before ascending to stop on her thick, pouty lips.
I must lick my own, because Alexander nudges me and mumbles shit under his breath, looking displeased.
“We’ll be inside.”
Pulling my mind out of the gutter, I follow Alexander inside and to his office, closing the door behind me.
“I need to leave. I have to go on a trip for a few days. I know I can trust you with my bar, I always have, but can I also trust you with my damn sister?”
Fuck… can he?
“I told you I wouldn’t touch her,” I force myself to say. “I’ll keep my word.”
He looks me over, probably noticing how I tensed when I answered him. “Don’t make me lose my trust in you. Trust means everything to me.”
“Me too, Man.”
Me too…



My brother up and decided he needed to leave for a business trip now that I’m finally here to spend a little time with him.
I could kick his butt for leaving me when I just got here. He’s never around as it is and I was hoping we could grow close again over the summer.
It’s already been two days since he left, and oddly, I miss him. So maybe we have grown closer in the five days that I’ve been here, even though he’s been gone for two of them.
I guess I can’t complain too much. With Xan gone and Micah watching me from a distance, I’ve managed to get close to eight thousand words written in just the last two days, and I’m giddy with excitement, because I feel good about what I’ve gotten done.
I’ve never been so excited to write a book before.
Taking a sip of beer, I close my computer for the night and walk over to dangle my legs in the pool.
It’s so beautiful and peaceful out here. I really could just stay out here all night.
With Micah at the bar I’ve had the entire house to myself all day. No surprise butts in my face. No naked guy walking around with a guitar and no sexy, smart-mouthed guy to make me think dirty as sin thoughts. My brother would kill me if he knew.
Smiling, I let out a breath of contentment and close my eyes, enjoying myself.
My perfect moment only lasts about a minute before it’s ruined with Micah jumping into the pool and yanking my legs to pull me under the water with him.
Fighting him under the water, I kick him away and come up for air to see him looking at me with the biggest damn smile I’ve ever seen.
It’s like he gets off on messing with me.
“Seriously!” I angrily splash him, but he doesn’t seem to care.
Swimming over to me, he picks me up and grabs my legs, wrapping them around his waist. “Sorry, it’s the asshole in me.” Gripping my thighs tighter, he walks us over to the edge of the pool and stops. “I just wanted to ask you to come out with me tonight. One of my friends is having a party.”
“Well, you have a funny way of asking me to hang out,” I huff. “You could’ve asked without dragging me under the water.”
He smiles when I slap his hard, wet chest. “I deserved that,” he admits. “So, did my way work?”
A part of me wants to say no, but seeing that crooked smile sitting on his perfect, wet lips, I say the opposite. “Yes. Surprisingly so, but only because I could use a little fun to clear my head. I’ve been thinking too hard today and need a break.”
Lifting his brows in amusement, he laughs under his breath and lifts me up and out of the pool. I’m surprised at how effortlessly he does it. “Get dressed. I’ll be inside in a minute.”
With that, he dives back into the water, leaving me standing here, trying to get over how turned on I got by him handling me in the pool.
My legs felt so good around his waist that I didn’t even bother yelling at him for picking me up like I meant to. Hell, I sort of wanted to hang here all night and feel his body against mine.
What the hell am I saying?
“Oh boy, I have serious problems.”
By the time I get dried off and dressed, Micah is waiting for me by the front door, dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a black V-neck shirt.
Holy shit, that shirt hugs his sculpted chest so good that it nearly takes my breath away. I might even choke on a little drool.
Well, not really… but a little exaggeration never hurt anyone.
Looking me over, he opens the door and motions for me to walk out first. “Nice boots.” His eyes wander down to my favorite cowgirl boots. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a girl wearing only a pair of those.”
“Wow!” I give him a shove. “Do you have a filter or is it broken?”
He opens his truck door for me. “Never had one, babe.” He slaps my ass, hard, as I boost myself up to get into his truck.
“That hurt!”
He grins in satisfaction. “Isn’t that what girls like to read about in books? Asshole heroes. You’re fucking welcome.”
Rolling my eyes, I slam the door shut as he walks around to the other side and jumps in. “And what do you know about books and the things us girls like to read about?”
He starts the engine and backs out with a cocky grin. “You don’t think I’ve read a book or two in my lifetime? My mother used to make me read books every night before bed when I was a kid. So yeah, I’ve read a few Romance books since I hit puberty.”
I’ve always thought a man reading was a turn on. So, to hear that Micah is open to reading… well, hell. It just got about ten degrees hotter in his truck.
Trying to keep my very dirty thoughts in check, I keep my eyes out the window for the rest of the ride to the party.
“Think you can keep up with me tonight?” Micah questions, while parking the truck. “It’s easy to get lost in the crowd here. Come on.”
He jumps out and I quickly follow, stepping out and shutting the door behind me.
Running my hands over the front of my dress, I look out at the street to see that there are tons of cars parked on the block.
“How did you manage to get a driveway spot? Special treatment for being so cocky?”
He lifts a brow at me and chuckles. “I’d like to think so, but no.” I suck in a breath as he steps up to me and reaches behind me to pull the back of my skirt down. He’s so close that I can feel the bulge in his jeans against my body. “Showing me the goods already and this isn’t even a date. Special treatment for me being so cocky?”
My face heats as I clear my throat and back up to get some distance between us. “No, apparently your truck is a dick too.” I smile and walk away. “Let’s go.”
His laughter comes from behind me as he takes a few quick steps, catching up with me. “You’re fun tonight. I like it.”
“Like it too much and you may feel sore in the morning,” I mutter.
I stop walking when I feel his body press up behind me. Breathing in my ear, he grabs my chin and pulls my head back to whisper in my ear. “I’d watch what you say unless you want me to throw you into the back of my truck and fuck you until my legs give out.” He lets out a small growl and nips my ear, causing goose bumps to cover my entire body. “It’s been a while since anyone’s been able to keep up long enough for my body to hurt.”
Oh. My. God.
“Wow!” I remove his hand from my chin, trying to keep my cool, even though all I can think about is him between my damn legs and wondering how long he really can last. “You become a bigger dick the longer I’m with you. Congratulations.”
“You’re right. My dick has become bigger. Now stop trying to get me naked again and let’s go.”
He grabs my hand, pulling me along behind him before I’m able to think of a comeback.
“Fucking dick,” I mumble, as he fights his way through the crowd, keeping me close to him.
He doesn’t release his hold on me until we’re out back by the pool. The back of the house is lit in neon lighting and there has to be at least close to eighty people just out here alone.
Most of them are dancing to the fast beat of the music, while a few of them are pushing through the crowd on skateboards, doing tricks into the pool.
The way Micah acts so uptight and in charge at my brother’s bar, I never expected him to be at such an insane party like this one. It’s crazy here. I’ve gotten the impression that he usually likes to be in charge.
“I never expected you to hang at a party like this one?”
“Why?” he questions, while pouring me a beer.
I grab the plastic cup from him and lean in close to his ear so he can hear me. “You seem uptight at my brother’s bar.”
He flashes me a half smirk. “Good thing I get to show you another side of me then. There I have to be.”
As I’m in the middle of taking a drink of my beer, he wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me close to his body; then begins dancing to the music.
I nearly spill my beer on him when he does this sexy little grind against my stomach. “What are you doing?” I laugh and hold my beer away as he thrusts against me like a male stripper or something.
“It’s called dancing.” He grips my hair and tilts my head to speak next to my ear. “Loosen up your body and just move it with mine.”
I’m almost embarrassed that he can tell I’m scared to dance. I’ve always been self-conscious about people judging the way I move my body. It doesn’t come as natural to me as it does to others.
Gripping my hip, he begins moving my body with his, biting his bottom lip as he looks down at my waist to watch me begin to sway with him. “Damn, girl,” he teases. “Don’t show me up now.”
I slap his shoulder and laugh. “Don’t tease me. Dancing isn’t my thing.”
He smiles, and it’s so damn cute that my heart jumps a little.
“The only thing getting teased right now is my dick. Trust me.” He lifts me up a bit and begins grinding his crotch into me, dancing so seductively that I can’t help but to get into it myself and move along with him. “Keep grinding like that and I might have to break my promise to your brother.”
My face turns red with embarrassment. “You made a promise to my brother?” I stop dancing and place my free hand on his hard chest. “He’d probably kill you if he saw us dancing like this right now.”
He backs up a little and reaches for his own beer now. “He never said anything about dancing, Tegan. We’re just having a little fun. I know where to draw the line and I don’t plan on crossing it.”
I feel a little disappointed for some reason, and my whole mood seems to change. Dancing close to him is the last thing I want to do now.
“Let’s just skip dancing.” I back out of his arms and tilt my beer back, feeling frustrated with my damn brother. Looking around, I spot two guys playing beer pong. “Let’s play.”
Before he can say anything, I walk over to the beer pong table and watch as they finish their game.
“Are you challenging me?” Micah asks from close behind me.
“I like a challenge,” he whispers next to my ear. “What do I get if I win?”
“Doesn’t matter.” I smile and begin setting up the table when the two guys walk away. “You won’t be winning. The question is…” I begin filling up some of the cups as he does. “What do I get for winning?”
He stops and lifts a brow at me. “Honestly? I’d give you anything you fucking wanted, but your brother might kill me.” He looks me over as if he wants nothing more than to taste every inch of my body. It has me completely turned on and aching for his touch.
“My brother isn’t here,” I say softly.
His eyes widen as if he heard me, but he doesn’t say a word.
Hell… I can’t believe that I said that myself.
There’s just something about Micah that makes me want one night with him. One night to let him do anything and everything that he wants. No strings attached, like the girl I walked in on him with. Just one night of his talented fingers and mouth on my body.
With my brother around that won’t be happening, and I can tell how much my brother’s friendship means to Micah.
By the time we’re down to the end of the game, there’s two cups left on my side and one left on his side. I’m completely buzzed right now and living in the moment.
“You’ve been talking a big game the whole time,” I tease. “When are you going to show me who’s in control here?”
He smirks and holds his ball up. “Right about…” he tosses the ball and makes it in one of the cups. “Now. Drink up.”
“Cocky jerk.” I roll my eyes at him and grab the ball out of the cup, before downing the beer. “We still don’t know what the winner gets.”
“The winner gets to kiss the loser anywhere under the dress.” He flashes a cocky grin at me.
I throw the empty cup at him. “You’re not wearing a dress, jerk.”
“Exactly.” He tosses his ball, making it effortlessly into the last cup. “I’m ready for my prize.”
He doesn’t waste any time grabbing my cup away from me and downing the beer, before dropping to his knees in front of me and spreading my legs.
My heart speeds up as I grab onto his hair and pull him back. “What are you doing?” I ask in a panic. “There’s hundreds of people out here.”
He smiles up at me and slightly lifts my skirt up my leg. “Relax. I can’t kiss you where I want to anyway.”
I begin looking around me, but close my eyes and moan when I feel the softness of his lips press against the inside of my thigh. He kisses it a few times, moving higher with each one, before biting me right below my panty line and then licking the spot.
“What the hell!” I scream and jump away from him. “You bit me.”
“I got excited.” He looks up at me and shrugs, before standing up as if nothing unusual just happened. “I’d apologize, but I have a feeling you enjoyed it.”
Did I? Most definitely, but I’m not telling him that.
“You scared me. Biting wasn’t part of the prize.”
He places his hand on the small of my back and walks me away from the table when a small group takes over.
“Sometimes I can’t control myself. You’re lucky I didn’t do what I really wanted to do.”
He gets distracted when some guy with dreadlocks calls his name and jogs over toward him. “You made it.”
Micah grabs his hand and gives him a one-armed hug. “I told you I would.”
The cute guy smiles when he notices me standing next to Micah. “Who’s this beauty?”
I see Micah’s eyes darken as he answers him. “Alexander’s little sister. She’s off limits.”
“I’m not little,” I add with a scowl. “The name is Tegan and my brother isn’t my boss.”
I smile as he looks me over with appreciation. He’s extremely cute and those ice blue eyes have me wanting to stare at them.
“Glad you could make it to my party, Tegan. I’m also glad that your brother isn’t your boss.” He reaches out to shake my hand and winks. “I’m hoping I’ll see you around.”
He pats Micah on the back and then quickly takes off when some people start yelling for him.
I’m still smiling when I turn back around to face Micah. The look on his face says he isn’t so pleased himself. “Kalon just got out of a five-year relationship. He’s on the rebound so don’t let his sweet talk trap you into something that won’t work out.”
“I’m not trying to jump into a relationship with any guy,” I mutter. “You and my brother are going to drive me crazy this summer.”
I walk away and pull out my phone to text Jamie.
“What are you doing?” Micah places his hand on my chin and pulls it up for me to look at him. “I’m sorry if I upset you. I’m just looking out for you.”
“I don’t need either of you looking out for me, Micah. I’m twenty-one now. I’m not the young girl he left when he moved away years ago.” I hit send on my text. “I asked Jamie to come pick me up. We’ve both been drinking and I don’t want you to leave the party early.”
“I think I’ve had enough partying for tonight.” He nods his head toward the side of the house. “Let’s start walking and Jamie can pick us up when she finds us.”
Without hesitation, I begin walking next to Micah, letting him lead the way.
Jamie texts me back a few minutes later, letting us know which way she’ll be coming from.
“What did you do back home?”
I look over at Micah to see him watching me.
“I worked at my family’s convenience store and wrote when I had free time. It didn’t seem I had much though, so I was desperate to get away and stay with Xan for the summer. I just needed some peace and quiet and a little inspiration.”
“I’m glad you came. The people I’m used to being around all seem the same to me. You’re different and it intrigues me.”
I smile. “How so?”
“I’m used to girls jumping all over me the second they meet me. You didn’t. I like that about you, and if I’m honest, it keeps me up at night, thinking of ways to change that.”
I catch myself laughing. “Is that where you get all your charm from? Late night thinking sessions?”
“I do my best thinking at night. Don’t you, for your writing? You probably lay in bed at night, the scenes flowing through your head, giving you ideas on what to write when you wake up. Is that how it works?”
I nod, finding it interesting that he really seems to want to know. “Most of my ideas come to me when I’m either lying in bed late at night, taking a shower, or listening to music.”
“I wouldn’t mind being around for two of those,” he teases.
“Come on.” I nudge him with my shoulder when he wiggles his brows at me. “I thought you seriously wanted to know.”
“I do,” he says, sounding serious now. “It impresses the hell out of me that you’re able to write books. I write lyrics in my spare time and it’s hard enough to finish just one song. I can’t imagine writing an entire story for two characters made up in my own mind. That shit can’t be easy and it takes one talented as hell person to be able to pull that off.”
“You write lyrics?” I ask, amazed. “I’d love to hear—” I stop talking when Jamie starts honking to get our attention.
She pokes her head out the window and whistles as her car stops in front of us. “Damn, hot stuff. I’m going to want to borrow that skirt. Just a heads up.”
Micah opens the back car door for me to get in. I figured he’d ride in front with Jamie, so I’m surprised when he scoots in next to me and closes the door.
He’s so close that his muscled leg is practically on top of mine. It has my mind racing with extremely dirty things.
“I have to be up in the morning, so I’m going to just drop you two off and hit the road.”
“Thank you, Jamie. I didn’t mean to keep you up.”
She smiles back at me. “You didn’t. I was chilling at Vortex, watching the sexy men working it. I just wasn’t drinking since I have to work in the morning.”
When we get back to my brother’s house, we say goodbye to Jamie and head around to the back.
Micah pulls out his key and unlocks the door.
“You coming in?”
He shakes his head and yanks his shirt off. “Nah… I need some exercise to clear my head. If I go inside right now…” He slowly undoes his jeans and pulls them down his thick, muscled legs. “I’ll end up in your bed.”
With that, he turns around and jumps into the water, leaving me standing here with my thoughts all over the place.
I have no idea how I’m going to go the whole summer without wishing that he would end up in my bed.



Between Vortex and Express, I haven’t gotten a chance to see or talk to Tegan since last night. As soon as I left Vortex around eight, I went straight to my work in progress and spent the next three hours painting.
My shirt is practically covered in black paint and I’m so exhausted that I considered just sleeping in my future office at Express.
It was thoughts of Tegan that led me back here tonight. As much as I tried to ignore that I want nothing more than to touch her in all the wrong places, my body and mind wouldn’t let me forget.
The place is completely quiet as I let myself in through the back. I didn’t notice any lights on when I pulled up out front.
Yanking my shirt over my head, I make my way into the bathroom and scrub my hands for a good five minutes, trying to get rid of as much of the dried paint as I can.
By the time I throw on a pair of sweats and fall down on the couch, my mind is already drifting back to Tegan.
“Shit.” Sitting up, I run my hands over my face and decide that I have no choice but to at least check on her.
Maybe then I’ll be able to sleep.
Quietly, I make my way up the stairs and toward her room. Her door is cracked open, and the horny bastard in me can’t help but to peek inside and get a glimpse of her.
Standing in front of her cracked open door, I hear something vibrating, followed by the sounds of her frustration.
My dick instantly hardens at the knowledge that she’s trying to get off, not even ten feet away from where I’m standing.
“Come on,” she groans. “Why won’t you work?” She slaps the bed and then tosses her vibrator down next to her. “Thanks a lot.”
“Need some help?” I finally poke my head inside to see her scramble to grab her sheet and cover herself up.
“What the hell, Micah? Why are you creeping outside my door?”
She looks completely tired and frustrated, and I can’t help but to hope that it’s because of me.
“I couldn’t sleep,” I admit. I walk inside her room and reach for her purple microphone looking vibrator. I don’t know whether to try and use it on her or sing into the damn thing.
“Give me that!” She quickly snatches it from my hand and hides it under her leg. “Please go. The last thing I need right now is you giving me a hard time.”
“Who said I’m here to give you a hard time?” Reaching for the top of my sweats, I drop them to my feet, before stepping out of them. “You sounded frustrated. All I want to do is help you.”
She looks me over and swallows. Everything about her body language confirms that she wants me as badly as I want her right now, but we both know there’s one thing stopping us: Alexander.
“We both know that Xan would kill you if you laid even one finger on me.”
Smirking, I yank the blanket from her body and suck my bottom lip into my mouth as I take in her sexy little body, wearing only a small white tank top and black panties.
“Who said I have to lay a finger on you?” Dropping down to my knees, I reach under her leg for her vibrator. “Nice microphone.”
“It’s a personal massager from the Couture collection,” she corrects me. “And what do you think you’re doing?”
Gripping her legs, I yank her down to the edge of the bed and spread her knees apart. “Doing you a favor… without laying a finger on you. Now lay back and relax.”
She hesitates for a moment, before lying back and relaxing her legs. “I can’t believe I’m about to let this happen.”
“I can.” Raising up a bit, I grip the straps of her panties and get ready to pull them down her legs.
“No.” She grips my hand, stopping me. “Through the panties.”
“Are you serious?” I arch a brow.
“I’m not going to let you sit there and look at my vagina.”
I smile, knowing that once I start she’s going to wish that she were bare. “I can work with that.”
Wanting to get her worked up, I stand and rub my hand over the top of my boxer briefs, squeezing my erection.
“Look at me,” I demand.
Her eyes open and land on my hand that is now stroking my cock through my thin briefs.
“Does this turn you on?” I grab it with both hands, giving her a better view of its thickness. “You like watching me touch myself?”
Her bottom lip trembles as she lets out a small moan.
“Keep this image in mind and pretend that it’s my cock rubbing against your clit instead of your vibrator. Got it?”
She nods her head quickly and then goes back to closing her eyes when I drop back down to my knees at the end of the bed.
Grabbing her personal massager, I turn it on and rub the round top in circles over her clit. Her black panties were already soaked before I started.
“Oh. My. God.” Her voice comes out with a moan as she grips the bedsheet and spreads her legs more for me. “That feels so good.”
My dick throbs as I continue to rub her with her vibrator. I want nothing more than to give her the greatest pleasure of her life, and I have no doubt that my cock is just the right thing to do that with.
If it was my choice I’d rip her clothes off and slam her against the wall, but it’s not. I shouldn’t even be doing this right now. Alexander has been nothing but good to me, but a man only has so much willpower when it comes to something he wants and knows he can’t have.
I grip her thigh with my free hand and turn up the speed on her massager.
“Ohhh…” she moans out and grips my hand on her thigh. “Keep going. Right there. Right there… Ohhhhhh…”
My cock becomes so hard when she screams out her orgasm that it hurts. It actually fucking hurts, and I want to take it out on her body so damn bad.
“You’re welcome,” I say with a cocky smirk.
Looking embarrassed, she grabs the sheet and throws it over her as I stand up. “Don’t say one word about this to anyone,” she whispers. “I’ve never let anyone…”
“It’s between us and my cock,” I tease.
She grabs a pillow and tosses it at me. “Now get out so I can sleep, cocky ass.”
There’s a hint of a smile on her lips and I know without a doubt that she enjoyed me getting her off just as much as I did.
“I expect the favor to be returned if you walk by and hear me trying to get off. Four hands are better than two when it comes to my cock.”
She laughs as I smile and leave her room. It’s cute seeing her sexually relieved, and I know by looking at her that I want more of this from her.
I just have to find a way of doing that without pissing Alexander off and ruining our friendship.
Fuck me. Good luck with that…


I’ve been awake tossing and turning for the last hour, surprised that I allowed Micah to use my vibrator on me. I never thought I’d let myself do that.
If I had been thinking clearly, I would’ve kicked him out of my room the moment he stepped inside, but I was too sexually frustrated to not take him up on his offer.
He was right. I took that picture of him for myself; although, I tried my hardest to convince myself it was for Whitney’s viewing pleasure.
I realized that the moment I had it pulled up on my phone and was reaching for my vibrator.
His muscles and long hair had me coming within fifteen seconds the first time and thirty seconds the second time.
So yes… it’s exactly what it looks like. Don’t judge me.
I haven’t gotten off in months, so I went for a third time, but my vagina wasn’t having it.
Not until he walked into my room; so sexy and sinful, a look of intent on his face.
I sigh and shove another piece of cookie dough into my mouth, eating my frustrations away.
“You gonna share that with me or are you going to eat my whole stash alone?”
When I look up Micah is standing across the room in a pair of sweats. The way they hang low on his waist has my eyes lowering to his bulge, but I quickly avert my eyes before he catches me staring.
After the hard-on I witnessed earlier in those tight briefs, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to keep my eyes from going there whenever he’s in front of me.
“I figured this was yours. Alexander used to hide the cookie dough from me when we were kids and refused to buy me any when he was out on a store run. Complained I was going to get sick from eating it raw.”
“Nah.” He bends down and eats the piece right out of my hand. “You’ll be fine. It’s not like you’re eating the whole damn package. You’re not, right?”
He lifts a brow and I toss him what’s left of the package. “I might’ve gotten close a few times before, but my brother always snatched it from me and tossed it in the trash before I could consume the last quarter of it. Like that small amount is going to make a difference.
“I think maybe I should keep this safe then.” He rolls up the end of the package and sets it down on the island in front of him. “What are you doing up? Too many words in your head?”
“Maybe… how about you?”
“I haven’t been able to sleep much. Been thinking a lot about getting my bar up and running.” He huffs and runs a hand through his messy hair. “I’ve still got to order tables and supplies and figure out staff and payroll and a lot of other things that exhaust me just thinking about them.”
“I heard it’s based around live music; like how you occasionally perform at my brother’s bar, except it will be nightly. I’ve always wished we had a place like that back in Arlington. I’ve seen them in movies and TV shows growing up and those have always intrigued me. I love that idea and it’s awesome that’s what you wanted. I can see myself spending a lot of time there whenever I’m here to visit.”
“You might not want to go home after the summer ends if you spend too much time at my bar.”
“Maybe not, but I have to. I promised my parents I’d wait a few more years before moving away. They were really torn up about Alexander leaving at such a young age and I don’t want to put my parents through that again. It may not be what I want, but it’s what they want.”
“And what about a boyfriend or even an ex who wants you back? He want you to stay too?” His eyes lock on mine, waiting for an answer.
I shake my head and laugh. “I haven’t had a boyfriend in three years, and there’s no one back home who even slightly has me interested, so, no.”
“That’s good to know.” He takes a step toward me, his eyes lowering to my lips. I suck in a breath at his closeness, which results in him taking a step back and running his hands over his face.
We stand here in silence for a few moments before he releases a long breath and looks me over, as if he’s about to say something important but decides against it.
“It’s late. I’ve got to be at the bar early to make sure everything is running smoothly for when your brother gets back tomorrow.” He grabs the cookie dough and reaches into the fridge for a water. “You should go lay down so your characters can talk, yeah?”
I nod, watching as he disappears from the kitchen.
I don’t know what the hell that was about, but I won’t deny that I almost wish he would’ve kissed me.
But I have a feeling Micah isn’t the kissing type. Not from what I’ve heard from my brother…


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