1. Victoria!!!! Website looks amazing!!! Now I can keep up with your vibrant writing here as well as Facebook!!! Keep up the good work Chicky!!! 😉 ❤

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  2. I am such a fan! I just finished reading Cale and I have to say that I hope you are not done with The Walk of Shame boys, I really would like to see how things turn out further down the road for all of them, but have to say that my favorite is Slade.

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  3. G’day from Australia! I’m sorry it has taken me until 3 days ago to discover your books. But I have already read 4 and I’m addicted!! Holy snapping duck poo these guys are every woman’s dream. You have a fantastic gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart


  4. Ok I’m ashamed to admit I have only just discovered your books. I read the walk of shame series in
    One weekend and I’m hooked. Alpha hotness romantic tattooed pierced guys, just wow! Thank you
    For such perfect stories to loose yourself in.


  5. I am a huge fan of your books I would love to know when book 3 to walk of shame 2nd generation will be coming out . I love all of your books and you are one of the best others I’ve ever had the privilege to read. Please let me know when more of your books will be coming out .


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