Wake Up Call

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Wake Up Call full cover


A broken girl…

Twenty years old and I’d finally had enough. I couldn’t take anymore, so I packed up my things and disappeared, leaving behind my drunken, abusive father and the mother that stood by and watched as I slowly died.

I knew I was going, but not where I’d stop.

The last thing I expected once on my own, was to be spending my nights stripping at a club in Florida, barely getting by. I should have known running from a past wouldn’t make it stop haunting me, because misery will always find me and tear me down until there’s nothing left of me. It always has…

Things can always change though, right?

Like looking up at a handsome, tattooed stranger, and with one stare he has me questioning everything I’ve ever believed in. I wasn’t expecting or prepared for someone to storm into my life. Not him.

Jace Montgomery.

The name I’ll never forget. The need to save me lies in his eyes, but I don’t need a savior. Trust- what he wants to teach me. That I’m something more than what I’ve grown up believing and that I’m worth loving. Those are the things he wants me to believe.

How am I supposed to let him in and show me I’m something when I’ve spent my entire life being… nothing?

He won’t give up, and honestly, I’m hoping he never does…

Because maybe… just maybe… I am worth saving after all.