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Okay, lovelies!

Jenika and I have been working on Twisted Locke (Locke Brothers,3) and we’re both excited to reveal the cover for our most twisted Locke of them all! Woot! Woot!

Are you here to see this?!


Title: Twisted Locke (Locke Brothers,3)
Authors: Victoria Ashley & Jenika Snow
Photographer: Wander Pedro Aguiar
Model: Andrew Biernat
Cover Artist: Dana Leah
Victoria & Jenika’s group:


Ace Locke

Those three words describe us Locke brothers to the motherfucking T.
We were wronged by the ones who were supposed to protect us. The ones who were supposed to love us … to show us how to love.
It doesn’t matter though. ‘Cause we taught ourselves how to love in the best way we know how. When it comes to giving our heart away, we do it with everything in us. We may be dangerous sons of bitches, but we love hard as shit.
Melissa doesn’t quite get that yet. But she will.
She got dragged into our fucked-up world, afraid and unsure of us.
Well, I’m about to change that.
I’m going to twist her up and shake the fucking innocence in her.
And by the time I’m through with her, she’s going to be my beautiful, twisted angel.
She’ll be mine and I’ll be hers.
I’ll make damned sure of that.

Melissa Anderson

I was pulled into the Locke life when my roommate got involved with one of the dangerous brothers.
I should have left, should have minded my own business, but the attraction I feel for Ace is stronger than I can ignore.
I can feel the way he watches me. The ownership I feel from him, the possessiveness and obsession, lets me know he wants me too.
But common sense tells me I don’t want this in my life, don’t want to let a Locke brother mark me as his.
But that reality isn’t what my heart wants, isn’t what my body craves. Truth is I want to have Ace claim me, want his hands on me, his dominance showing me that all I want is to submit.
We may not lead the same lives, and he may have darkness in him, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, but for once in my life I want to skirt with that danger.
I want to forget everything else and just let Ace own every single part of me.
And I have a feeling he won’t stop until he does.

  1. Lisa Hearne says:

    Hi when is the release date for twisted locke pls

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