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Today is the LAST day to get Pay For Play at the release price of $2.99! Price will be $3.99 tomorrow! Hurry up and catch the sale and be sure to share with your friends!

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🔥***WARNING…..OMG….PANTY MELTING HEAT… This book is a sure fire way to get your motor running!!! Grab your man or your favorite toy; after digging into this juicy story, you’ll DEFINITELY need it!!!!*** – Missy Harton

🔥***WARNING*** Make sure to have a fan, your B.O.B., and some extra panties after this smoking hot read!!! -Amy Zec

🔥Holy hotness and thigh clenching. I swear that I stayed in a constant state of arousal! I’m not looking forward to seeing my water bill after reading this… Lynx and Rebel are the ULTIMATE hot couple. Seriously, so damn hot I had to read this twice because my first round I couldn’t form a coherent word, let alone write a decipherable review. Lynx is pure alpha…. From head to…. Lower level ecstasy level down to his toes. – Helena Rizzuto

🔥This book will take you on a epic journey with one scorching hot connection that will consume you from the moment you start the book. I just couldn’t get enough of this story! Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop! This book has the it factor with so many feels that I didn’t expect to have! -Amy Preston Rogers

🔥A highly unique read with a fabulous amount of character development. This is one of the best romance books I’ve read so far this year, with Ashley and Storm writing seamlessly together. There was a fantastic amount of chemistry between Rebel and Lynx, with their sex scenes not only steamy, but also unbelievably playful. I loved seeing Rebel being pushed out of her comfort zone and becoming more confident as the story progressed, and how she was able to play off the cheeky cockiness of Lynx. -Summer’s Eve Reads

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