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Model: Jonny James
Cover designer: CT Cover Creations



Cole King… the name alone leaves a bad taste in my mouth, a reminder of how he broke my trust in the worst way possible.
My best friend of twenty fucking years.
He had my back and I had his.
Until he crossed the line.
Now visions of him sinking between my girl’s legs, making her scream in all the ways only I should’ve been doing, haunt me, mixed with images of all the ways I can rip his damn throat out.
I’ve tried to forget it and move on, but I can’t.
Ways to inflict even just a small portion of the pain he made me feel fucking consumes me.
Somewhere in his fucked up, twisted mind, he thought it would be okay to share my girl.
Now, he gets to see what it feels like to share what is his.
Brooke Collins…
Hopefully she can handle both of us, because I intend to make Cole work for her.
The hard part will be making sure she falls for the right one in the end.
I don’t intend for that to be me…
At least, not until I get a taste of her.
That one touch alone is enough to change the fucking game.



  1. HE LOOKS LIKE TOM HARDY!!!!😍 I love Tom! Can’t wait to read it thanks.

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  2. I love all your books Victoria and your story lines are great! Thanks for the heads up all the time for your books releasing and the great pricing! Hope you had a great Holiday and Happy 2017!!

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