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Seven months ago…

THE EXCITEMENT OF CALE AND Riley announcing that they’re having a baby kept us all out late, celebrating. As soon as I got off the stage for the night, we took off to Fortunes and closed the bar down with the rest of the gang.

It was a crazy night and the way that Sage had been looking at me and fucking me with her eyes, she’s been making it impossible to keep my dick in control.

Sage and I made a decision last month to cool off on our messing around, before things could get too complicated, but her flirting and teasing is making it impossible to keep my hands to myself when all I want is to have them all over her beautiful body, touching her in ways that’ll make her scream.

The deal when she moved in a year ago was that we’d be roommates and occasional fuckbuddies to help satisfy each other’s needs.

No sleeping in the same bed.

No fucking without a condom.

No fucking twice in the same month.

No becoming attached.

No jealousy.

No commitment.

Just for fun.

With a woman as beautiful as Sage, following the rules isn’t that damn simple. Trust me, it takes every restraint a man has. Especially when his dick is practically standing tall twenty-four-seven.

Fuck me… I want her all of the time.

We’ve been at it for too long for her to believe that we can keep it up and just stay friends. I understand why she’s afraid of commitment and I don’t blame her. She’s had it rough, so I’ll do my best to respect that.

We’re both young and have a lot of shit going on. Not to mention; I’m a male fucking stripper. I’m sure that doesn’t keep her warm at night.

Maybe backing off is best for both of us.

We’ve just made it back to the house and Sage hasn’t taken her hands off me since we left the bar. It’s been weeks since the last time we’ve had sex and I can’t deny that my cock wants nothing more than to sink into her tight little pussy, making her scream my name as I claim her body.

There’s nothing I love more than my name on her lips, moaning.

Laughing, Sage straddles my lap and wraps her arms around my neck. “I’ve been thinking about touching you all night since seeing you on that stage. Do you realize how damn sexy you are and how hard you’re making this strictly roommates thing?”

Smiling, I lean in and suck her bottom lip into my mouth, softly biting it, before releasing it with a growl. She loves it when I bite her and be aggressive. “I knew you were checking the goods out,” I tease. Leaning into her ear, I slide her hand down my stomach and into the top of my jeans. “Touch me then. Lick it. Bite it. Do whatever you want.”

Leaning her head back, she lets out a small moan as I gently bite her neck, trailing my mouth down her body. “I want to,” she breathes. “So damn bad, but…” She lets out a small scream and slaps my chest when I bite her harder. “We need to be careful, Stone. I thought we both agreed to put an end to this for now?”

Flipping her over, I spread her legs and place my body between them. “We have been,” I say against her neck, before running my tongue up it. “Roommate fucking at its best, baby. The only strings will be when I tie you up. Now. Touch. Me.”

Wrapping both of my hands in her hair, I lift my body, giving her just enough room to slip her hand where I want it.

We both want this right now and fuck me if I’m not going to just go with the flow and let it happen.

“You’re so hard,” she breathes, while rubbing me through my jeans. “This is going to be so hard. Why,” she groans. “I don’t want to follow the damn rules right now.”

Pulling my bottom lip between my teeth, I push my jeans and boxer briefs down, freeing my erection for her. “Then don’t.”

Her breathing picks up as I yank my shirt over my head and toss it aside. “Stone…” She moans when I grip her thigh and press my hardness between her legs, poking her. “Stone.” I poke her again to push her and work her up. “Fuck…” She moans.

Gripping her hair tighter, I slip my hand beneath her skirt, and push her panties to the side, exposing her slick pussy. “You wore panties this time,” I point out, as I slide my finger over her wetness. “Is that your way of keeping in control when it comes to me?”

She nods her head and slides up the couch when I slip a finger inside. “Oh shit…” she moans out, while gripping the couch. “Wait.”

Hearing the worry in her voice, I slide my finger out and suck it clean. “What’s wrong, Sage? We’ve been playing by every rule since the beginning. Why are you so worried about breaking them once? One more time isn’t going to make us fall in love or anything.”

Breathing heavily, she places her hands on my chest to give herself more room. “Break them once and it leads to breaking them again and again.” She stands up and fixes her skirt, looking regretful. “I can’t take that chance with you and you know it. I should just go to bed while I’m still thinking straight.” Her eyes look me over as I press down on my erection, feeling the blue balls creep in. “Stop being so sexy, Asshole,” she says with a small smile. “Goodnight.”

Respecting her wishes, I don’t say a word as I watch her go to her room, shutting the door behind her.

“Fuck me… I’m going to need a cold shower.”

I’ve never seen her so panicked before, then again, we’ve never come close to breaking the rules before. We’ve never had sex more than once in a month and now that we’ve agreed to stop messing around, we almost had sex for the second time this month.

Shutting off the lights after my fight-blue balls-shower, I crawl into bed and look over to see that it’s past three in the morning. We’re both tired and have been drinking for most of the night.

We just need to sleep it off.

      If things are meant to happen between us, they will.

With time…





SWEAT’S DRIPPING DOWN MY SHIRTLESS body as I sit here in the dark, waiting for that private door to open so the show can begin.

It’s been a long ass night and this is the last show I’m required to do, before I get my ass out of here for the night.

I’ve been dancing my dick off for seven hours straight, and no matter just how tired I truly am, nothing’s going to stop me from showing this client a hot as fuck show.

When a client pays for a private show from me. They get the best. I put everything else behind me and dance until my body burns or my client’s panties are soaking wet. Whichever comes first.

I’m not going to lie, I learned that from Slade in the beginning. Dude was a straight up beast and I knew I’d have to work hard to fill his shoes. Now with Slade, Hemy and Cale no longer dancing; I’m the one that Kash and Styx have to keep up with.

I grip the chair when I hear the door creak open. It’s dark enough in here that she can’t see me yet, but I can see her as she nervously takes a seat on the couch below the small stage, waiting anxiously for the music to start.

When it does, the darkness on the stage dims enough for her to finally see me sitting here, half-naked, and ready to give her what she needs.

Something visual to get her off at night or maybe even here and now.

Moving my body to the slow rhythm, I slide my hand down my hard body, stopping on my cock. It’s the quickest move to get her going and me out of here quickly.

Her eyes widen as I grab it and begin grinding my hips, slowly and torturously, while gripping myself as if I’m about to get off.

Hell… sometimes I do.

I don’t miss it when she bites her bottom lip and lets out a small moan. It can be heard, even over the soft music.

Shit, I’ve barely even done anything yet, and she already looks as if she’s ready to explode.

Her legs are now crossed and both of her hands are gripping the leather couch around her, her skirt riding up her legs as she grinds in her seat to get some friction.

Smirking, I stand from the chair and kick it out of the way, before sliding across the stage on my knees, until I’m sitting right in front of her.

Surprised, she throws both hands over her face, which I reach out and pull away, lowering them to the top of my jeans for her to unbutton for me.

Being this close, shows just how damn beautiful this woman is, but you can also see just how shy and nervous being here makes her.

A lot of women like her pay big money for these private shows. The ones that are too scared to let anyone know that they’re here in the first place. Strict family. Strict job. Or hell, maybe even a significant other.

That’s not my job to worry about. My only concern is making sure that they leave here satisfied and dying to come back for more. And if they get off on it, then that’s a damn bonus.

Pulling her chin up, so I can look her in the eyes, I sway my hips as her shaky hands work slowly to undo my jeans.

Breaking eye contact, I push her face down toward my hips, while grinding the air nice and fucking slow.

This causes her to get a little too excited, yanking my jeans down my thick legs as if she suddenly can’t wait to get me in as little clothing as possible.

Being that close to my cock usually does the trick with these women, letting their inner freak come out.

Standing back up to my feet, I step the rest of the way out of my jeans and kick them to the side.

She gasps as her eyes lower to my white briefs, landing on my thick erection.

“Oh. My. God,” she squeals.

I might sound like a cocky jerk, but I’m used to that reaction now. Although, it never seems to get old. I fucking love the look on their faces.

Smirking with confidence, I lower myself from the stage, straddling her lap.

My hands go straight for her hair, tangling up in the blonde strands as I grind against her, slow and hard, making sure that I dig into her body with each thrust.

It only takes a few seconds before her breathing picks up and I feel her jerk below me, letting out a long moan of satisfaction.

Once her orgasm stops, her eyes open back up and embarrassment crosses her pretty little features.

Taking a deep breath, she covers her face and shakes it back and forth. “I’m sorry,” she says into her hands. “I’m so embarrassed.”

Smiling, I remove her hands from her face. “You shouldn’t be.” I grab her chin. “I aim to please, baby girl.”

She studies my face for a few seconds, before finally breaking into a smile. “So this happens a lot?”

Removing my other hand from her hair, I stand up and nod. “Every damn time. I have no problem being an orgasm donor. It’s what my body was built for.” I wink, causing her to laugh.

That’s what I was going for. The last thing I want is for a client to leave, feeling bad or embarrassed because being here got them off instead of the privacy of their own home.

That’s why Cale tested the private dances with me first, before letting the other guys start them. He knew with me, they’d leave here happy and satisfied. I have a way of making sure that happens.

Letting her eyes wander over my hard, sweaty body, she pulls a wad of cash from her bra and shoves it down the front of my briefs, making sure that her hand brushes the head of my dick. “Thank you. I needed that more than you know.”

Looking pleased, she lets herself out of the room, leaving me alone to get dressed.

After I’m dressed and cleaned up, I stop up at the bar to grab a shot to help relax me after this long, hard night of having everything on my body pulled at.

Sara smiles at me and reaches for a shot glass. “Woah there! That was a fast show. Mr. Fucking Magic Dick.”

Lifting a brow, I reach for the whiskey, slamming it back. The burn feels good right now, after such a long night here with the guys. It should help blur the memory of their dicks swinging.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I slam the empty glass down and grab my cock. “Nickname fits me to a T. It’s a curse and a blessing.” I release my junk and nod my head. “One more, babe.”

I look around, searching for the security guard on duty, as she pours me one last shot. “Is Kage still here?”

“Yup.” She rolls her eyes. “His big ass has been in the shower for the last thirty minutes, jerking off or some shit. You can get out of here. He’ll stick around for me to close down.”

“You sure?” I lift a brow, while tilting the second shot of whiskey back.

“Um… yes. I said so, didn’t I?”

“Just double checking.”

“Hey wait.” I get ready to walk away, but Sara’s voice stops me, causing me to turn back around. “You and Sage back at it yet or is she still teasing and torturing your smart aleck ass? I gave it six months and it’s been seven. Just saying.”

My cock instantly comes to attention at the sound of Sage’s name. Damn that woman has my dick under some kind of spell.

“Apparently, my magic dick doesn’t have a strong enough effect on her. She’s the exception.”

Winking, I walk away, with my mind stuck on Sage once again and the fact that we haven’t touched each other since that night seven months ago.

You try living with a beautiful as fuck woman and keep your hands and dick to yourself.

      Impossible as shit.

As hard as I try to get through one night around her without wanting to go back to our old ways, it’s becoming impossible. The woman drives me mad.

And I fucking love the torture… I’ll admit it.

      As soon as I walk outside, the blonde from the private dance grabs ahold of my arm, pulling me around to the side of the building.

She doesn’t bother speaking, going straight for my jeans and ripping them down my thick legs.

It’s been a while since I’ve let this happen, but, I can’t deny the fact that I need a little fucking action once in a while. As much as I want it with Sage… it’s not going to happen.

A man has needs and I’m about to let this hot as fuck blonde satisfy them and try to not to feel guilty, knowing that I really have no reason to.

Sage hasn’t asked about my sex life since we stopped being physical and I haven’t asked her about hers.

Leaning against the building, I close my eyes and imagine Sage’s mouth on my cock as blondie takes me into her mouth, sucking me hard.

I jump a little when she gets a little too excited, scraping her teeth over my shaft, while trying to fit most of my length in.

“Sorry,” she mumbles around my cock.

Letting her know it’s okay, I grip the top of her hair and begin thrusting my hips into her face.

Getting a little too excited myself, I push in a little too deep, causing her to gag on my length and dig her nails into my ass.

All it does is remind me that Sage has been the only one able to fully handle me sexually. It’s like the girl was made for me.

How fucked up is that?

Gripping the blonde’s hair, I pull her back so she can answer my question. “Can you handle my cock if I give you all of it?”

She nods her head and grips my ass tighter, letting me know that she’s ready to try.

“I hope so,” I whisper, because I need to get off.

Hoping that she’s right, I turn her around and pull her head back as far as it can go, before shoving my cock into her mouth and fucking it hard and deep.

For some fucked up reason, seeing the shape of my thickness in a girl’s throat as I fuck her mouth, turns me on the most, usually getting the job done fast.

Within ten deep thrusts, I’m pulling out of the girl’s mouth, releasing my load against the side of the building with a moan.

I feel the girl shove something into the back of my briefs. “Call me if you ever want to get together. That was me repaying you for the dance, but I’d like to do a lot more to you.”

I don’t even get a chance to turn around, before I hear the sound of the ground crunching as she walks away, leaving me alone to gather my shit.

She definitely wasn’t as innocent as she looked, but nothing compared to Sage. No one ever is.

      Fuck me…



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