Walk Of Shame Cover Reveal!


Walk Of Shame (Full Series) + 3 BONUS CHAPTERS 1 Year Later

Yes! You saw that right! Walk Of Shame is coming and with a HOT cover that I hope you ladies will enjoy looking at! Own all 3 books + 6k bonus words of a look into their lives 1 year later!

Model: Mike Chabot/ Mike Chabot Fitness

Photographer: Sara Eirew/ Sara Eirew Photographer

Cover Designer: Clarise Tan/ CT Cover Creations

Look out for the release coming SOON! Please feel free to share this sexy cover. I promise I won’t mind wink emoticon

Thank you Mike, Sara and Clarise for making this beautiful cover happen!!!

Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame Full


  1. Wow!! That guy is HOT! It’s almost makes me want to buy the books again in the series just to look at him! 🙂
    P.s. the first chapter in Hemys book is wow, just wow!!
    Two thumbs up Victoria!!

  2. Ahhhhhh!!!!! Holy shiznik! That freaking cover is so hot I almost burned right up!! Best freaking part? Hand in pants!!! I don’t know why…really, I don’t! Something about it is so freaking beautiful! But everything…really, from top to bottom, it is perfect. Even the fact that there is a NYY hat on his head is perfection! It makes me want to jump in the cover for the hat so I can burn it and replace it with something a LOT better…like, Boston Red Sox, baby! Hahaha. Him wearing that cap makes me believe that he deserves to have his nipples pierced. Just saying… Much love!

  3. I can’t wait for the release! Mike Chabot is SMOLDERING! I already own all three Walk of Shame books. I also tweeted on my blog and personal page. I’ll also share on FB. 🙂

  4. I already own all 3 books, and love them! But how do I go about getting the bonus chapters without re-purchasing the set?

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